Helikopterturen tok slutt i Nairobi


Brå slutt på eventyret til skottene.

15.08.2012 -

Da jeg trur at det er noen her fra Meldal som har fulgt med på den "eventyrlige" turen til Charles Stewart og Charles Mc Cann fra Skottland til Nordkapp i vår, og videre til Cape Town nå den siste måneden, velger jeg å legge ved deres siste "blogg" som viser at turen endte i Nairobi i Kenya. Ved avgang derfra, meget tungt lastet med drivstoff, gikk det galt. Helikoptret tippet over og tok fyr. Karene kom seg uskadd ut i tide.

Etter hva jeg forstår, så bruker de å "skli" bortover banen med full gass for å få bedre løft når helikoptret er tungt. De tørnet i en liten jordhaug som de hadde oversett. Så det gamle ordtaket om: "Liten tue kan velte stort lass" er fremdeleg gyldig.

Legger ved deres siste blogg.


Lars G. Hukkelås


The End! but only for now

5th August 2012

Kenya and the disaster.....

After a great breakfast with David we made our way back to Wilson Airport and file the flight plans for Mwanza. We had coffee at the East African Flying Club and took the time to read the aviation success of this area. We the went down to the MAF hanger checked the aircraft and pushed Ruby out onto the apron. Little did we know that this was her last flight and we had developed a close relationship with her. We knew every cough and vibration she made, what she liked and disliked. We got clearance and repositioned to the helipad in front of the tower. I went up to the tower to confirm we could reposition on the grass and make a direct departure on 07 with a left turn out. We got all the radio calls out the way and lifted for our departure, every thing was normal and good to go.

We lifted and started to get into transational lift and the low rotor warning came on so as per all the training we had both done we came down from a couple of feet to do a run on landing. All was good and was a text book procedure and under absolute control. What we didnt take into consideration was a lump of earth in the grass that hit the right skid and literally picked up the left side and flipped us over. Poor Ruby took a fatal blow and the rotors hit the ground causing terminal damage, she lay on her side and took her final breath of air.

Both of us climbed out unhurt and had to watch her burn out completely....

This was a moment in your life you dont want to remember and the sunken heart when things go wrong. It all happened in a split second and from an amazing adventure it was all over in seconds.....

The adventure will not stop here and the two Charlies will be back and continue....this is a setback and watch this space we will keep the blog going to let you know what we are doing from here.. maybe end of this trip but no the story....